3 Benefits of Leasing an Albuquerque Lanier Copier

Having a copy machine is a financial burden, but for many companies, it provides substantial return. Besides the maintenance fees and the accessories, coming up with the initial capital to purchase an Albuquerque Lanier copier is stretching it. It may interfere with your company’s operational budget, and bottleneck your profits or revenue. Copy machines are expensive, and you get what you pay for. The cheaper a copier machine is, the more expensive its operation and maintenance would be. The same holds true vice versa. Here are some reasons why leasing an Albuquerque Lanier coper makes more business sense:

  1. Your business has limited capital. Blowing your capital will only inhibit your organizations ability to expand appropriately.
  2. Alleviating your budget concerns. Instead of going all out on purchasing a luxury item, your accounting department can establish a set schedule of smaller payments a month.
  3. Tax advantages and depreciation. If you purchase a copier, you can only deduct the copier’s depreciation, which is around 40% of the purchasing price for the first year. The next year, it goes to around 20-25% of the purchase price in the following years. Leasing the machine gives you a pretax advantage that you can deduct in its entirety for the entire payments.

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