Albuquerque Lanier- Factors to Consider During Evaluation

Managed print services can have a real value in the workplace, but there are so many options, which one do you choose? If you are considering Managed Print Services, or you are going through a selection process, there are different variations that will let you factor the service’s value in your organization. Look at these 4 factors that you should consider during your evaluation:

  1. Reduced Print Costs. It is critical that your print costs do not cost an arm and a leg. Over 70% of people that use Managed Print Services consider the costs of prints to be the number one factor.
  2. Reduced Service Costs. Studies show that the average cost per year for documents in organizations approximates to $8,000-$10,000. There are hidden costs such as the time it takes for your employees, outside contractors, and maintenance professionals to prepare, process, and manage essential processes.
  3. Costs of Security Services. Cybercrimes increase each year, as more technologies are created, there are more cybercrimes and hacks that come with them. The costs of detection, recovery, and rectification are the most costly activities in internal processes.
  4. Onsite Service. The availability and quality of onsite service are essential, but does not help your bottom line when it comes to service costs. Having an agreement in place with the lease company might reduce the overall costs per year for maintenance and tech support.

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