Asking the Right Questions

Knowing the right questions to ask while looking at copiers to buy will make the entire process much more successful. It will help you know whether or not you are getting the proper machine for your needs. The right questions can be the difference between having copier for a longer amount of time that will keep you happy over the course of time you have it. Here are some helpful questions to ask when shopping for a copier:

Are maintenance and supplies included?

How much does do the supplies cost, separate from the box?

What do the extra accessories cost such as faxing, finishing, etc.?

Do you have enough technicians who can work on these devices?

What kind of scanning is the device capable of?

What does it mean when you say “the buyout is free”? If I didn’t have an old copier, I needed to replace, would the cost not be the same? If so, what is the difference in price?

Is the device network capable?

Questions like this can help eliminate potential problems when trying to buy an appropriate copier for your business in the Albuquerque area. Call me at (505) 847-8344 if you would like me to help you find the copier that will help your office operate more efficiently.

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