How to Avoid Fees when Returning a Copier

Your lease is ending and it’s time to return your copier. It should be a straightforward process, but unfortunately there are some ways that leasing companies will make it difficult to do right. Getting charged fees at the end of a lease can be a horrible feeling. At Albuquerque Copier we want to help you save money, and show you how to avoid fees when returning a copier.

It sounds silly, but the most important thing to do is read your lease figure out if your lease is actually going to end. Many leasing companies will include a part in the lease that allows them to continue the lease unless otherwise specified.

That means that if even if you’re at the end of your lease the leasing company can continue to charge you for additional months. This can be an unforeseen difficulty if you thought you were going to be getting something new.

Here’s what you need to know about terminating your lease.

  • Find out if your lease will automatically rollover. Check to see if this provision is in your lease, if it is not then we still recommend double checking with your leasing company
  • Note when you need to notify the leasing company. The time period is usually within 45-90 days of the lease ending.
  • Write a letter to your leasing company to confirm that you are terminating the lease.

Once you have confirmed that your lease is going to end then you need to find out if there are any other requirements. One big way to avoid fees when returning a copier is to put all the toner in separate sealed bags. Most leasing companies will charge you a fee if you don’t do this because the toner can leak and stain.

Understanding your copier lease shouldn’t be difficult, but sometimes it’s the small stuff that hurts you the most. If you want a fair copier lease then call Albuquerque copier today.



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