B & W On Your Albuquerque Copier: Is It Really Black and White?

Your Albuquerque Copier Can Save You As Long As B&W Doesn't Count As Color By Accident!

There are many little places for savings with Albuquerque copiers, and I’m going to share some of the more common ways companies go wrong. The first and most obvious place that goes bad is right when you first sign your contract. The coverage and overage is what usually gets companies in the most fiscal trouble when dealing with an Albuquerque copier. 20% coverage is a common point, and then overages are charged after that, but isn’t realized many times is that 20% means 5% of each color, and that there is 400% coverage to cover a whole page. If anything 21% or over is an overage, you can get on a slippery slope of paying WAY more than you should be paying and not even realize it until the end of the quarter. Here are a couple more tips for your Albuquerque copier frugality:

  • Greyscale: guess what?! It’s counted as color, so set your default to B & W only
  • Who is printing and copying, and are they trained on what is covered in the contract?
  • Is there even one word or two on the page color? 1% of the page? Still counts as color!

So by taking things like this into account you can greatly reduce your costs on your Albuquerque copier!

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