Cleaning Your Copier

Did you know that several image quality problems can be solved by cleaning your machine?

Lines, spots, streaks, voids, deletions on copies or scans can be caused by dirty Document or glass.  Clean the glass on the machine once a month or whenever quality issues arise.

Here are some steps below about how to clean the glass:

  1. Lift the Scanner/document feeder lid on top of the device.
  2. There will be a big square glass panel on the right and a smaller glass strip on the left.
  3. Clean both these glass parts with some kitchen towel and glass cleaner if you have it. If you do not have glass cleaner then try a simple mix of water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid will do. Do not apply cleaner directly onto the glass.
  4. Inspect the glass to make sure that all spots and marks have been removed.
  5. After cleaning wipe dry with some more kitchen towel.
  6. Close the Scanner / Document feeder.
  7. Test the print quality by copying a document to ensure there are no lines or spots appearing on the copy.

If you are still having problems give us a call and we can help!

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