Copier buying mistakes

Some things you need to know when buying in Albuquerque

With years in the industry here are a few common mistakes we’ve noticed that buyers make. This should help you keep from making the same mistakes and get you pointed in the right direction to start with.

  1. Rather than collecting quotes, collect data and make sure that you’re getting quotes for the right machine in the first place. This isn’t hard, get a few quotes and ask each salesman why he recommended the machine that he recommended. You’ll quickly see who has your best interest in mind.
  2. Don’t get color unless it’s needed! This often happens when a competitor offers a “free upgrade to color”. It’s not a lie, but they bank on the fact that companies don’t typically manage their color and end up using it anyway.
  3. Instead of getting hung up on a single feature, be open to finding the best machine. As is human nature, oftentimes people I speak with get hung up on a single feature like prints per minute, or a specific brand. These are important but if your focus is solely on one aspect it may add A LOT to your cost. Look at the whole picture.

If you don’t want to make these, or other mistakes and you are in the Albuquerque metro area give us a call.

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