Copier Training

Save your Albuquerque business headaches and money

How much will you spend on your next copier? Most likely the number is in the thousands. Surprisingly almost no businesses take time to get training on one of their more expensive pieces of office equipment. For a couple of hundred, maybe up to four hundred dollars you can get your machine installed and take a little time to have your office trained on the copier. Thousands of hours are put into the design of each copier that you buy and you may not know all of the great abilities that yours may have.

Here’s a common time waster. You want to print fliers for your sales reps to give out and they need to be 1/4 page size. The promo flyer is already designed. In the real world that flyer is about to get printed, shrunk, shrunk again, then cut, then pasted, and finally a less than quality copy will be produced. With proper training you could have just printed it, made four copies and then used the paper saver option to turn it into the same thing. It would take 3 minutes instead of 20, and the final product would be better.

There are many many more things like this that probably happen in your office daily.

If you are looking for a copier in Albuquerque please give us a call we can help you in your search and offer training if you desire.


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