Document management for beginners

Some basics for document management in Albuquerque

Are you trying to find a document management platform in Albuquerque? If you are then it’s time to prepare for reps coming in and offering document management systems that can cost over $35,000. If your a small business then this isn’t normally possible. We have a robust document management system that will meet your needs for aroun $4,500.

With the cost issue aside, let’s look at the basics for document management. Cost is important but if the document management system doesn’t work then your in big trouble. Your document management should be able to do all of the following readily.

  • Capture – normally this is a scanner, it will also include a “software portal” to input files that are already in electronic form.
  • Index – This is how you find the files when you need them.
  • Store – All of these files need to be stored somewhere. We recommend they be stored on your own server so that you maintain control of them.
  • Retrieve – Once stored, the files should be simple to locate again.

We can get a document management system set up in your office for less than you think, give us a call to see how achievable it is. 

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