Does Color Copying Make a Difference?

The facts behind color copying

Deep down, we all know that color copying is somehow better. It’s why managing color copying is important in offices. Thankfully, the good people at Xerox put together a pamphlet highlight this matter. Here are a few of the major points from it.

  • Statistics say that a newsletter or pamphlet is given a meager 2.5 seconds of time before a decision is made about it. Color increases attention,¬†professionalism, and increases the chances of someone actually reading it.
  • Color increases the attention span, and the ability to recall information by 82%.
  • Telephone listings in color have been proven to increase response by 44%.
  • Color reduces errors by 80%. This is good to know internally because errors in the office cost money.
  • Color helps to sell 80% more… this is a serious point. (Notice how proper application of color really makes that 80% pop?)
  • Color has been shown to increase brand recognition by 80% This can be vital if your customer is choosing between options and you need to be remembered.

Hopefully there are some reasons here to buy and some hints about how to get more from your color copier.

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