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[faq q=”My copier keeps breaking, can you fix it?”]We have awesome techs and are generally able to fix any copier that is broken. We also know a copier is a piece of equipment for a business and if the repair costs more than the device is worth, we will explain what is going on and give you the choice.[/faq]
[faq q=”When I place a call, it takes forever to see a tech. How long is it with you?”]We have different service level agreements. It can be as short as 4 hours or as long as Next Business Day.[/faq]
[faq q=”Why shouldn’t I buy from a manufacturer? Aren’t they cheaper?”]First of all, we do not see they are typically cheaper. They have more infrastructure to support in their copier organization. The other issue is responsiveness, we are here local and are a part of the community. [/faq]