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Are you looking for a used copier? Are you wanting to ensure your company gets the value it deserves while keeping your pocketbook in a good place? Our team of sales professionals can help you get an off-lease copier from our service fleet, which can last years and give you a copier for your business that will help your team be productive.

Our Used Copiers are On Our Service Plans

One of the most important items to know is when you get a used copier from us, we have service plans that go with them. This ensures you are not purchasing or leasing a copier that is filled with issues. Since we have the responsibility of maintaining the used copiers we sell and lease, we ensure the copiers are solid and not consistently needing care and attention. Our team filters out the copiers that have too many service issues and simply retires those units. The ones that have been performing well, when those clients upgrade copiers, it provides an opportunity for another company to benefit.

Used Copiers are Less Expensive

The obvious benefit of getting a used copier is the pricing advantage. You get the same service plan, so the initial cost of the machine is lower, which lowers your monthly payment. If your team runs a tight budget, a used copier can be the way to go.

One Item to Consider

It is important to remember because these are used copiers, they are older than new copiers, so there will be a few more service issues than a brand-new copier. We remind you about this because if you cannot ever be down, a new copier is still the way to go.

If you would like to chat about getting a used copier, we would love to help. Give us a call and we can get a rep to give you all the information about our available inventory and your options.

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