How A Lease Rate Ladder On An Albuquerque Copier Lease Can Influence Your Bottom Line

Don't get taken for a ride on your next Albuquerque copier lease! Know the right questions to ask!

Everyone wants to save on their next Albuquerque copier leasing experience, but not as many people know how to do it effectively. Here is one of the most simple tips to saving more and actually getting more out of your Albuquerque copier contract. It doesn’t work for everyone, because it depends on your needs and your Albuquerque copier leasing¬†company that you’re dealing with. Here you go:

  • Ask what their lease rate ladders are like, and what the different amounts are
  • Find out if you are close to the break point, or the next rung up the ladder
  • If you’re close, do the math and figure out how much you save by spending

What does that last one mean? Figure out how much you save by spending? It’s true, if you have to spend $300 dollars to save $1500 would you do it? If you’re around $9,700 and you need to be over $10,000 for the next big break of $1500 or $2500 over the next few years is that worth it? Reason says yes, but people don’t always like the idea of spending to save. It’s not natural, but the world of Albuquerque copiers is not natural, and could be designed to trip you up and lead you astray. The answer? Research everything that is costing you these kinds of numbers! Albuquerque copier reps don’t always think about this for you, and the less you know the more you can pay!

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