How Intelligent Devices Aid You Beyond Printing

Ricoh Intelligent devices are taking companies beyond just accurate prints. An intelligent device enables you to:

  • Create innovation in processes. 
  • Automate business needs. 
  • Increase the adoption of new equipment.
  • Secure data.
  • Digitize workflows. 
  • Improve the responsiveness towards customers. 
  • And more…

Despite this, the success of an intelligent device is on 3 parameters: automation, collaboration, and security. 

What are intelligent devices?

Ricoh Intelligent devices are copiers and printers that make business processes easier and more efficient via automation or otherwise. If you want to buy an authentic, intelligent device, contact Albuquerque Copiers. 

Workflow Automation:

Workplace automation is one of the many ways intelligent devices help businesses. In this respect, these devices can:

  • Increase productivity. 
  • Store documents in 3rd-party apps like OneDrive and Google Drive. 
  • Automatically create file folders. 
  • Efficiently file and distribute documents and folders. 
  • Convert paperwork into its digital format. 
  • Create customized processes. 
  • Integrate into your workplace easily. 

Data Security and Intelligent Devices:

Oftentimes, documents can get lost in correspondence and take a lot of time. Intelligent devices help cut down on time it takes for business processes by improving document sharing. 

To be more specific, an intelligent device can:

  • Perform mobile printing through cloud-print platforms like Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.
  • Implement network and access authentication. In this, only employees and guests with the right encryption key can access sensitive documents. 
  • Restrict access rights to your documents.

Next-Level Networking and Collaboration:

Intelligent devices also enable faster collaboration and corresponding through:

  • A connected cloud platform such as OneDrive, SharePoint, etc. 
  • Visual data is captured using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Automated document routing that moves documents from one place to another automatically. 

To buy or lease Ricoh intelligent devices, call Albuquerque Copiers today. 

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