How to Save a Bundle on Your Next Copier

Use This One Trick to Save Up To 60% On Your Next Copier Purchase

Saving up to 60% on a new copier can sound way too good to be true. Copying machines cost money, and every copier rep seems to want to nickel and dime you as much as possible to pad their commission checks.

However, saving upwards of 60% on a copier isn’t a fairy tale; the possibility is real, and you’re about to learn how to find this golden deal.

The Two Magic Words That Will Cut Your Copier Price in Half

These two words are: “demo unit.”

Most copier companies receive a specific number of units per year that qualify for demo pricing. We’re not referring to the copiers on a showroom floor; sometimes, people can buy and flip a photocopier to make a few extra dollars on a few deals.

Every manufacturer has a demo copier program in place. Copier stores often don’t use all of their demo units. They could sell you a copier much cheaper if you were to buy a copier off of the demo program.

These copier stores only get a few of each model, so they need to use each one wisely. Sometimes they must have one of these models on the sales floor so they can do demos. Other times, they are hoping to score a tremendous deal.

As you get closer to the end of the year, they may have floating demo units available to any customer who’s not afraid to ask if this could apply to their situation.

Now, why won’t a copier rep provide you with this deal right away?

To understand why a rep would hesitate to show you a demo unit right away, you need to understand a little more about how the company compensates him

A copier rep gets a spiff from a manufacturer for selling a new copier. This spiff can go upwards of $400.

There is one exception to this rule: demo units aren’t eligible for a spiff. If a rep sells a demo unit, the rep misses out on that $400. Because of this, the rep will take the option that allows for the spiff unless it requires they use the demo unit to get the sale in the first place.

Sales reps in all industries exist to make money for the company, not to save the customer money. These spiffs further encourage the copier rep to sell the non-demo units at a higher cost to make the company more money.

How can you find a demo unit to purchase to get up to 60% off your purchase price?

In a word: Ask.

By asking a simple question and letting the rep know you’re looking for a good deal on a copier, you can save yourself 10% or more on the sale. Even if they don’t have anything available to buy, you send a strong signal that you care about how much this copier costs.

You are far more likely to get a better price from the rep than if you were to ask for a quote right away.

Use this one strategy to potentially save your company thousands of dollars upfront on your next copier purchase.

This strategy does take some time, as you typically have to wait until the end of the year to find these demo pricing deals. However, if you can time your purchase right, and ask the right questions, you can have enough money left over from your next copier budget to spend on a new break room coffee machine.

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