Keep your copier costs low!

A few tips that will save you cash in Albuquerque

Know your facts to keep you copier cost in check.

If you’re anything like me you like to get the inside scoop on things. I always wonder how experts in other fields would handle problems I know little about so I decided to give you a few tips for saving money on your copiers and printers.

1. If you don’t need color then don’t get it. Once it’s there it will be used despite your best efforts. It will cost you more.

2. In the same train of thought, don’t get tabloid unless it’s necessary.

3. Check out the maintenance records for all your machines. Does one break down considerable more often than the others? How much is that time worth to you?

4. When you are buying, check out the cost of the machine and the cost per print. Don’t look at one only.

5. If you work for a large company then let your rep know. Often times there are “major account” discounts.

This is really a starting point. If you want to get down to specifics we would love to help. 

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