Letter And Legal Versus The Tabloid Albuquerque Copier: Facts To Know Before You Sign

If you're looking for places to save, consider downgrading from a tabloid Albuquerque copier if you don't need one!

Have you ever wondered why some offices in Albuquerque have huge looming giant copiers and some just have a simple stand alone copiers? What if I told you that there are only 2 major differences between these Albuquerque copiers? Both copiers can print, copy, fax, scan, staple and so forth. So what is the difference? Cost and Tabloid.

The tabloid copiers in Albuquerque cost way more up front to buy, and you have to print upwards of 10,000 pages a month many times to justify their existence. So why do people buy them? They need tabloid printing. SO if you find that you don’t actually consistently need tabloid then the A3 Albuquerque copier may just be wasting the money you’ve been working hard for! The typical office size A4 copier might blow away the capability of the tabloid counterpart and print even faster with a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Here is where the reps try to “save” you money by selling a bigger machine and trying to convince you it’s lowering your cost per year. A simple analysis of your true needs may prove otherwise, so think twice before you sign the dotted line for a machine 3 times the size of what you need. That corner of your office is valuable real estate and those thousands of dollars just sitting there could be used much more efficiently if tabloid is a luxury and not a necessity! Pass lower prices on to Albuquerque by controlling your costs!

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