Maintenance Contract Tips

How are Albuquerque businesses setting up maintenance contracts?

When you start looking for copiers, maintenance contracts are soon to follow. These are the primary ways that maintenance contracts are set up.

  • Cost per print – This is great if you want a bottom line, predictable cost for your printers and copier maintenance. It’s also handu for those who like to tell toner sales reps “Sorry, we are under contract for all our supplies and service.”
  • Toner out – This kind of contract is easy to remember because the toner is out, or not included. You buy the contract for service and the toner is your responsibility. If you have a smaller printer you may like this because there is a single bill at the start of the year regardless of how much you print.
  • Maintenance included – With this contract you purchase toner at an inflated price but your maintenance cost is wrapped into the cost. This is handy because you don’t have one giant bill at the start of the year. The drawback is your supplier will probably try to load you up with a bunch of expensive toner so you won’t go to a competitor. (They make their money back on this deal when you buy from them and not someone else.)

If you are shopping for a copier, or a maintenance agreement in Albuquerque we would love a call. 

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