Pay the Professional

It is important that when you spend as much money as you will on a new copier that you get as much out of your investment as possible. Often times buying a copier will come with a package that will include the installation of the copier, but when it does not come with this option, you should

Don’t Go in Blind

definitely consider paying someone who is an expert to do it for you.

It will of course be tempting to try and save money and have someone from IT do the installation so that you don’t have to pay extra money, but this can be a huge mistake because the IT guy might be very competent at lots of different things, this does not mean that he will be good at installing your specific copier.

Copiers can be very complicated to install and if someone does not have a lot of experience and training in installing copiers, it could end up reducing the effectiveness of your copier over the life of your copier.

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