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The Xerox Colorqube 

If you do a lot of color printing then you’ve probably heard about the Colorqube line of Xerox copiers. The Xerox Colorqube 9301, the Xerox Colorqube 9302, and the Xerox Colorqube 9303. These copiers start at around $20,000 (that’s under $500/mo. in a standard copier lease) and they are well thought out for businesses that want to save money on color printing.

The Colorqubes have three tiered billing system. In normal people words that means that if you want to do a small color logo that you can and the charge is close to what you would have paid for black and white.

Just because the Colorqube family can print so cheaply does not mean that it’s the best solution for everyone. To decide if it’s a good decision for you, you need to find the differential. This will give you a “break even” number so you know how much you need to print to make it worth it. Here’s an example of how to do it.

Xerox Colorqube 9302 – $23,000

Other copier – $9,000

Xerox Colorqube – $.05 (full color) 20% of copies $.03 for “useful color” 80% of copies – Averaging $.034 per copy

Other copier – $.065

Differential – $.031

Break even = $14,000/$.31= $451,612 or 7,526 copies per month.

So if you were deciding between the two in this example it would be better to go with the other copier, unless you were printing more than 7,526 copies in a given month.

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