Six Months Left On Your Albuquerque Copier Lease? Read This Before You Take The Free Upgrade!

Your Albuquerque Copier Rep Will Want Your Call If You Have 6 Months Left On Your Lease!

6 month countdown. You only have 6 more months to be using this 5 year old equipment before you can finally get a new Albuquerque copier that makes more sense for your company. You’re excited because you’ve been waiting for this time to come, and now the light is at the end of the tunnel. Then you get a phone call from your Albuquerque copier rep offering an amazing deal! A free upgrade! All you have to do is sign another Albuquerque copier lease! You figure your problems are answered because you still get a new machine for free, and don’t have to worry about it for the next 5 years! But what’s really happening in this Albuquerque copier underworld?

  • You’re getting rolled into another lease, but they may “forgive” a couple payments
  • The copier company may be getting incentives from the leasing company who is actually forgiving them
  • The Albuquerque copier rep is picking a machine for you that they’re getting a big discount on

And if they are like most reps dealing with copiers in Albuquerque, they won’t be as nice and pass the savings on to you. They will roll whatever cost is left over for the copier after their discounts into the next lease so you’re actually still paying for the copier! Be patient, and ride out the lease to negotiate the best deal on your next Albuquerque copier!

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