What to Ask Prior to a Copier Purchase

To have a self-reliant business, you need a copier to support the company. However, you do not want just any copier, you need the right copier to support your company.

What questions can you ask before buying a copier?

First, ask about the price of the copier and the additional expenses associated with it. When dealing with a sales representative, be careful because many of them are paid in terms of commission. This means that honesty sometimes takes the backseat. Research beforehand to avoid this problem.

How many pages per minute can this copier make? You should choose the pages per minute based on your needs. For example, if you have a high print volume, 19 or 20 pages per minute may lead to long lines at the copier, and you would be better suited to a 45 to 55 page-per-minute machine.

Why not just choose a high volume copier? First, a higher price will reflect the higher pages per minute. Second, you have to deal with repairs more often with the higher print speeds.

If you do not need the high volume, is it worth that? Finally, ask yourself what you need versus what you want. This will help you to prioritize the necessary features and eliminate the excess features that raise the price.

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